Dr. Roebber discusses Lake Michigan's dropping water levels

"Lake Michigan, the only Great Lake located within the United States and a huge source of recreation in our area, is two and a half feet below normal...Of course this year's rain & snow drought also played a role. In addition, scientists say evaporation coming off the lake due to a warming of the water temperature is a major reason for the big drop. The lake temperature has risen more than 20 degrees since the 1960's."

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Host Tom Luljack interviews Mike Westendorf and Michael Hansen about Innovative Weather's past, present, and future.

Listen to the full interview here.


Get to know Mike and get a look around the IW office.


Innovative Weather featured in the UWM College of Letters & Science Newsletter

"When a blustery winter snowstorm is on its way, We Energies looks to a group of meteorologists and atmospheric science students at UWM to predict when and where it will hit and how strong it will be. UWM’s Innovative Weather group is the energy company’s main resource for determining the size of its crew, and where and when it should be dispatched. For the students, it’s an opportunity to obtain meaningful work in their future professions."

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Innovative Weather gets coverage in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

"IW provides extensive training for student interns, so there is an important educational component (service learning) to the program. This training ultimately benefits the private companies that hire these graduates and represents an unquantified but real cost savings for them."

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Innovative Weather featured in Collegium, the UW-Milwaukee faculty and staff newsletter.

"Most recently, three of our student staff members moved into full-time employment in operational meteorology: one with the National Weather Service, two with private forecasting firms. All three students were competing with 50, and at time up to 100 other applicants in this very tight job market, yet they were offered the jobs. Each employer praised their UWM education along with the expertise and maturity our graduates gained through their IW experience."

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